Directory Structure

By default, Phin gives you a standard directory structure similar to what Laravel or other frameworks would.

  • public/ - Base directory where site is served from.
    • index.php - Loads application and handles routing.
    • .htaccess - Setup to use PHP 5.6 handler, produce clean urls, and setup asset caching (satisfies Google Speed Test analysis).
    • img/ - Storage for images.
    • css/,js/,build/ - Output files from Elixir go here. They are ignore by git by default.
    • Feel free to create other directories here as you need.
  • resources/ - Top-level resource directory
    • assets/ - js and sass built by Elixir.
    • views/ - Blade templates and page files.
  • site/ - Default location for site’s controllers and routes.
    • routes.php - Specify routes for the site (like Laravel)

      To change the site directory or namespace, use configuration value site.namespace and

  • config.php - Configuration file.